All about the weather!

When is the best time of the year to get married on Koh Samui? This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions I get from my brides and grooms. It’s an important consideration as pretty much everyone thinking of holding their wedding on Koh Samui is looking to do so under an open sky.

So before you even start looking for venues, try to set your date or at least a preferred month. And how do you go about choosing it? Koh Samui has a very different climate to other parts of Thailand such as Phuket, in fact our dry and monsoon seasons are in completely opposite times of the year so it’s good to keep the differences of various geographical areas in mind.

From my experience of planning weddings on the island for the past 5 years, I think the best months are February, March, April & May. If I was to pick THE top wedding month, I would choose March. It’s because it really tends to be one of the driest months, hot but not quite as crazy hot as April & May and… it’s considered a low season on Koh Samui which means that your accommodation rates will be at its best value!

On the other hand, if you can - try avoid October, November to mid December as these months fall into the monsoon season and although you might still be lucky with the weather, the chances of rain during this time are quite high.

Regardless of which month you will end up choosing for your wedding, Koh Samui being an island has its own climate and tends to be a little unpredictable all year round. The truth is that holding a wedding under open sky anywhere in the world inevitably carries some risk of rain. The good news is as long as you are prepared for this scenario by having a Plan B in place, it really doesn’t need to affect your wedding in a negative way! Many venues have gorgeous semi-open venues with great views as their back up plan options so just take this into consideration when looking for a perfect venue!

PS: Don’t let the weather worries spoil all the fun and remember what your wedding is truly all about – celebration of your and your partner’s relationships, friendships, family and love! Happy wedding planning!